Relive Match 2 between ASVEL and Monaco


Thank you all for your loyalty. Have a nice evening and see you soon !

22:21 End of the game: Which gift ! ASVEL won by 37pts (91-54). 1-1 in this series. Next match on the Roca Team pitch. We will have to refocus on the Monegasques. ASVEL was imperial tonight.

22:16 Q4 – 2’15: We surrendered to Monaco. The car creaks on the bench. He is expelled.

22:14 Q4 – 2’30: The Astroballe enjoys, Tony Parker too.

22:14 Q4 – 3’30: ASVEL leaves nothing. Monaco will have to bounce back very quickly. This match has been one-sided from the start.

22:11 Q4 – 3’26: Faye is one of the only ones to be present this evening on the Monaco side: 10pts and 5reb for the Senegalese.

22:08 Q4 – 6’26: It’s better on the Monaco side. ASVEL still eased off.

22:04 Q4 – 8’31: Monaco is trying to finish its match well, solid in defense in this Q4.

22:01 Q4 – 10′: Beginning of the 4th QT.

22:00 End of Q3 ASVEL crushes the Monegasques. 22-14 in this Q3. 35 point difference. We will have to remobilize on the Roca Team side in match 3.

21:54 Q3 – 2’23: ASVEL is walking, with a 21-7 in this Q3.

21:49 Q3 – 5’00: Marcos Knight makes his match in attack: 4/5 on shots, 11pts scored.

21:45 Q3 – 6’12: 4min of play in this Q3. Monaco still haven’t scored.

21:42 Q3 – 7’36: The same bases in this recovery: 6-0 for ASVEL.

21:38 Q3 – 10′: Here we go again. Monaco has a long way to go. 27pts difference in the recovery.


See you in less than 10 min for the recovery.


Lighty and Okobo are solid tonight. Special mention to the French: best scorer, rebounder and passer tonight (8pts, 6reb, 4ast).

21:24 End of Q2: There is no game tonight. 27pts difference at the break. Monaco is not there, with a sad 26.7% in shots.

21:21 Q2 – 1’45: The Astroball is on fire! ASVEL has been putting on a show from the start.

21:17 Q2 – 3’45: Elie Okobo plays his score tonight: 5pts, 4reb and 3ast in 12min of play.

21:15 Q2 – 3’45: There is still time for the ROCA Team. It is absolutely necessary to scrape this gap before the break.

21:11 Q2 – 5’13: 0 shots scored in the field for Monaco in this Q2. The Monegasques are not there.

21:08 Q2 – 6’58: Still 20pts apart in this match. Monaco spoils a lot (5 out of 19 on shots).

21:04 Q2 – 8’09: Essential part of the dunk. It’s too hard for Monaco tonight.

21:02 Q2 – 8’46: ASVEL continues to widen the gap. Lack of efficiency among Monegasques.

20:59 Q1: End of Q1. ASVEL is hot. Knight and Osetkowski are 7pts. Okobo is very good (5pts, 4reb, 2 ast).

20:52 Q1 – 1’42: The ROCA Team takes on water in this Q1. Watch out for the gap.

20:50 Q1 – 3’00: Superb “+1” from Okobo on the counter. The Astroball is on fire.

20:46 Q1 – 5’00: Timeout. ASVEL is in its match, partly thanks to Knight, already at 7 pts.

20:43 Q1 – 5’32: Big start to ASVEL’s match! Lots of local intensity.

20:41 Q1 – 6’23: Already two faults for James.

20:38 Q1 – 7’41: Two shoots for Okobo.

20:36 Q1 – 7’59: Huge Faye dunk!

20:35 Q1 – 8’44: Lots of early game contact.

20:34 Q1 – 9’24: Forced passage of Diallo. Ball in Monaco.


Effective info, Chris Jones should evaluate in the starting five of ASVEL.


In match 1, the ROCA Team won (74-82) at the Astroballe.


Good evening everyone and welcome to match 2 of the Betclic Elite finals between ASVEL and Monaco.


Follow live with us from 8:30 p.m. match 2 of the Betclic Elite final between ASVEL and Monaco, again at the Astroballe. Wednesday, in match 1, it was the Monegasques who won (82-74).

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