release date, sensors… everything we know about the connected watch

We take stock of the rumors about the Apple Watch Series 8. News, sensors, design, models… you will know everything there is to know about the next connected watch from Apple.

The screen of the Apple Watch Series 7 // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

In 2021, we expected a lot of changes for the Apple Watch, in particular on its design which should, according to some, adopt straight edges like the latest generations of iPhone. Rate ! The main difference was ultimately only an enlargement of the screen. For the Apple Watch 8, we can therefore expect slightly more extensive and more obvious improvements.

While we await the release of Apple’s next smartwatch, we’ve rounded up all known or suspected rumors and information about the Apple Watch Series 8.

When is the Apple Watch 8 release date?

First of all, it is important to remember that the release date of the next Apple Watch Series 8 is not yet fixed, but that it is expected towards the end of September, as has been the case since the second generation. Only the 7 series, which seems to have encountered various production problems due to the shortage of components, arrived in mid-October.

As a reminder, here are the release dates of the previous Apple Watch:

  • Apple Watch Series 1 (updated from the original Apple Watch) and Series 2: September 16, 2016;
  • Apple Watch Series 3: September 22, 2017;
  • Apple Watch Series 4: September 21, 2018;
  • Apple Watch Series 5: September 20, 2019;
  • Apple Watch Series 6 & SE: September 18, 2020;
  • Apple Watch Series 7: October 15, 2021.

Apple’s launches usually take place on Fridays, so a release around September 23, 2022 is quite likely for the Apple Watch 8.

A design without revolution for the 3 Apple Watch of 2022

According to Jon Prosser, Apple has flagged its industrial design with straight edges due to 2021 shortages and so this would be slated for the Apple Watch 8. However, he’s the only one to think so and several other sources have already predicted totally the reverse. So we’re heading a priori towards a very traditional design, without major change… for two of the three models at least.

Because yes, this is the big novelty expected this year: a third model of Apple Watch. Alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE 2, Apple would have planned to launch a new sports version of its famous connected watch. This would be reinforced to better withstand shocks and scratches that could occur during exercise. We can also expect new health-related measures exclusive to this model to set it apart from the Series 8.

Hot, hot, hot: a new sensor for the Apple Watch 8

Is a new model enough to make 2022 “the most important year in the history of the Apple Watch“. We initially expected many additions of features and especially new measures related to health. In bulk were quoted the measurements of blood pressure or blood sugar levels. Finally, it would seem that we should not hope too much, but several sources however suggest the possibility of taking its temperature.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, this data was originally planned for the Apple Watch Series 7 before being canceled due to the lack of precision of the algorithms. The problem comes from the outside temperature which can greatly vary the temperature of the skin, which falsifies the desired result with a margin of error of up to 5 degrees, which is considerable.

However, if several sources corroborate the information, none can say with certainty that the algorithms have been sufficiently refined since then to reach the level required by Apple.

What price for the Apple Watch Series 8?

For the moment, the price of the future Apple Watch has not been revealed, not even through indiscretions. We can nevertheless begin to imagine the range through existing products.

The Apple Watch 8 should logically take the place of the Apple Watch Series 7 around 429 euros for the GPS model, to around twenty euros. The “Sport” model, more upscale, could nevertheless be more expensive and fit into the catalog around 700 to 900 euros that the current Apple Watch costs with a stainless steel or titanium case.

The big unknown remains the entry level. If the Apple Watch SE 2 replaces the current Apple Watch SE in the 300 euro segment and the Apple Watch Series 3 leaves the catalog, then Apple would no longer have a loss leader around 200 euros, which represented a certain shortfall. The pricing of these three connected watches therefore remains very vague at the present time. To be confirmed this fall.

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