Real: Ancelotti, the man of the permanent miracle

Becoming the first coach to qualify for a fifth Champions League final on Wednesday, against Manchester City (3-1 ap), Carlo Ancelotti symbolizes the permanent miracle spirit that inhabits Real Madrid this season.

Carlo Ancelotti is making a memorable comeback.

Thank you for bringing me back president. Falling into the arms of Florentino Prez after qualifying for the Champions League final on Wednesday against Manchester City (3-1 ap), Carlo Ancelotti said these few words, which will remain as one of the strong images of the evening.

It must be said that by recalling the man of the Decima to succeed Zindine Zidane and soothe a tense locker room, the Real Madrid boss had a hollow nose last summer.

Son Real never give up

Ousted quite severely by Casa Blanca in 2015 after two yet positive seasons, Don Carlo then experienced, while Real won everything with ZZ, a small empty passage, with Bayern Munich, Naples then Everton. Until his return. With the title of champion which was quickly drawn in La Liga but rather fragile performances in LdC, the first season of the era II of Ancelotti seemed for a long time correct, nothing more. After the 1-0 defeat against Paris Saint-Germain in the round of 16 first leg, some even predicted the exit.

But it was then that the Real Ancelotti version revealed itself. By enchanting three more spectacular comebacks on the return to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium against PSG (3-1), Chelsea in the quarterfinals (3-1, 2-3 ap) and therefore Manchester City. Failing to gain an impression of mastery in the game, this Real knows how to sublimate itself and find unsuspected resources deep within itself, like its leader Karim Benzema. A capacity of which the Italian technician is no stranger. As evidenced by his video broadcast in the locker room on Wednesday before kick-off.

A true leader

The video that I showed before returning to the field was a video of all the lifts that we have already done this season, which are eight in number. And the video ended with the following message: ‘There is one missing’. And on a Russian, a 62-year-old man tells for Movistar. A few days after becoming the first coach to win the five major championships in Europe (Premier League, Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1), Mister became the first coach to reach 5 LdC finals: 2003, 2005 and 2007 with the AC Milan, 2014 and 2022 with Real. An impressive longevity which is however approaching its end because Ancelotti has already announced it: after the Casa Blanca, he will take charge of a selection before offering himself a well-deserved retirement…

VIDEO: Prez-Ancelotti, the beautiful image

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