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The full emotional reactions of the actors to the series Plus belle la vie on 11/18/2022 on France 3: comment on the actors of the series strongly at the end of the Marseille adventure of PBLV? The emotion is there.

Farewell Thomas, Riva and Céline in Plus belle la vie…unless 😉 / © Olivier MARTINO – FTV – TELFRANCE

France 3 has act the stop of Plus Belle la vie to November 18, 2022 …it’s a shock for the actors of the PBLV soap opera. Many actors who embody cult characters reacted on social networks to the end of Plus belle la vie on France 3. A small hope remains that More beautiful life goes on elsewhere. Waiting for the end date, spoilers and Daily resumes of Plus belle la vie stay online 😉

Jerome Bertin (Patrick Nebout) wrote: “#pblv soon the end clap of the most popular series on French television. End clap for this #Nebout couple, my most beautiful love story on TV with my awesome partner @mariereache. Thank you all for loving us all these years. It breaks my heart ♥️ to imagine that this is all going to end soon. Long live #morebeautifullife »


The Nebout Family says goodbye to Plus belle la vie

Jules Fabre (Theo) published a story: “It’s the end. What a wonderful adventure. Thinking of all the teams at @pblvofficiel. Thank you for these 5 years of happiness with you, public, colleagues, friends… Let’s make the most of the months that remain to us. The end is only a beginning, a beginning of something else”.


Théo reacts to the stoppage of Plus belle la vie

Gregory Questel (Xavier Revel) wrote: “These 4 people from France TV came to announce the end of @pblvofficiel Very sad day, the disbelief at the start gave way to tears. More beautiful is a family, who can’t believe we won’t be colleagues anymore. It’s the end on France tv but the opportunity for a new start elsewhere who knows. Thank you fans for following and supporting us. Keep believing Because as long as there is PBLV there is hope”

Revel PBLV

Prosecutor Xavier Revel wants to keep some hope for the series

caroline riou (Laetitia Beslesta) wrote: “rance Télévisions has just formalized the end of the Plus belle la vie series.
Let’s take advantage of the last months of filming and broadcasting.
18 years of adventures, 8 years of enjoyment within this series for the character of Laëtitia.
A page turns. »

More beautiful life

The end for Caroline Riou who put her little message to say goodbye to her character

Pierre Martot (Leo) wrote: “From the studio…
France Télévisions announces the end of the broadcast of Plus Belle La Vie for the end of November…
Thank you, dear audience, for your loyalty and all that you have shared.
Let’s make the most of these months that we have left
Rock “

More beautiful life

Leo touched by the end of the PBLV series

Rebecca Hampton (Céline) wrote: “The book closes, the guestbook sleeps…
Thank you to you viewers for these 18 years of loyalty, trust and love!
@villemarseille @france3 @francetelevisions @pblvofficiel #tv #serie #worship #end #collegues #love #family #beautifulhistory »

Celine more beautiful life

Céline Fremont is ready to close the pBLV book

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