rather Warren Buffett or “The Big Short”?


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(Boursier.com) — Apple dropped another 2.5% last night on Wall Street on $137, down 18% now over one month and 15% over six months. The situation does not alarm Warren Buffett and his investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, who, on the contrary, take the opportunity to strengthen it. Berkshire, which began to acquire Apple shares in 2016 under the influence of Todd Combs and Ted Weschler, held at the end of March 2022 a position of… 159 billion dollars on the value of the group at the apple! Until then, this position had proved to be particularly relevant. But for a month that the technological values ​​of the American dimension correct, this position fell heavily. Barron’s put Berkshire’s recent “pose” drop at $30 billion, as the stock lost 20% this quarter. Berkshire held 911 million Apple shares at the end of March. Nevertheless, the investment firm’s cost price being $34 per share, the capital gain over several years still amounts to more than $90 billion…

Meanwhile, Michael Burry, the founding alternative manager of Scion Capital, who had distinguished himself speculating on the subprime mortgage crisis and inspired ‘The Big Short’, revealed a tens of millions of dollars bearish bet on the value Apple. It is certainly not an investment of the size of that of Berkshire, but the timing seems appropriate for the time being. The investment horizon (a few months?) obviously has nothing to do with that of Buffett (forever). Scion posted options at the end of March against 206,000 Apple shares. The hedge fund also has long, bullish positions in Bristol-Myers Squibb, Booking Holdings, Discovery and Alphabet.

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