Rafael Nadal ‘intends to play’ Wimbledon

What Nadal said about his treatment

“What was done in Barcelona (medical treatment of the foot) is not going to work 100% immediately. But changes are noticeable, I have noticed them, my joint pain has decreased. It’s not a mathematical thing, it doesn’t exist in medicine. But in my way of understanding, from what I feel, the evolution is satisfactory today. There are strange feelings. Sometimes one part of my foot falls asleep then another, sometimes I have cramps on the sole of the foot, but it seems that this is normal and that the nerve “reorganizes” after a few weeks. I’m glad I haven’t limped in a week. This allowed me these five days to train and for me it is progress. And it allows me to travel to London, where I haven’t played for three years and I’m excited. I hope that all will be well. »


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