Purchasing power: false promotion scams are exploding



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J. Poissonnier, D. Brignand, G. Le Goff, R. Chapelard, M. Le Rue -France 2

France Televisions

Online scams with fake promotions or fake vouchers increased by 251% in April 2022 compared to a year ago, reveals a specialized site on Friday May 13. Scam artists take advantage of inflation.

Right now everywhere on the Internet thousands of discounts and good deals. With their logos and graphics, they look like real ads, but they’re not. In one year, this type of scam would have exploded: + 251%. At the beginning of March, a Parisian merchant was the victim on a social network. By downloading an advertisement for jewelry, she is redirected to a site that looks like a known brand. She pays 72 euros, but will never receive her order.

These scams would flourish in this period of declining purchasing power. “Cybercriminals use fake promotions to lure them to fraudulent sites”, explains Laurent Amar, cyberscam expert. So there are misleading offers, but ads can also appear on official brand websites.

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