PSG: Tebas, La Liga, Real … Al Khelafi takes out the box slaps

More discreet in recent months, Nasser Al Khelafi has made a media tour to put several subjects flat. The president of Paris Saint-Germain takes the opportunity to respond to the many criticisms of his La Liga counterpart, Javier Tebas, also tackling Spanish football.

Nasser has shown his fangs for Marca.

A lite-level businessman for some, a puppet leader for others, Nasser Al Khelafi has been widely divided since his debut as president of Paris Saint-Germain in 2011.

Rather conciliatory, the Qatari does not hesitate to respond very violently when the capital club is attacked. And Javier Tebas, who considers himself the main bulwark against the champion of France, knows something about it.

N.Al Khelafi – who is Tebas?

In an interview with Marca, the PSG boss put a lot of pressure on his La Liga counterpart. Who is Tebas? I do not know this person a NAK lick, very offensive. Our style is not to meddle in the affairs of other clubs, other leagues or federations. It’s not our style. But I do not accept that others give us lessons.

For Al Khelafi, Tebas’ threats are nil. I don’t care what he says, the truth, we’ve been talking about it for years. We have a football project to build and we will continue. We’re not worried, any more than anything that comes out in the media, because we can’t waste our time with anything that comes out. the 48-year-old continued.

La Liga, a dead league

Every year, every summer, it’s the same thing. And here is fair play, and we don’t respect others… We know what we can do, what we can sign. We know better than him what we can do and no one has to tell us what we should do. You don’t tell us what we can or cannot do. If we do it’s because we can a defendant the native of Doha.

Before adding a layer on La Liga. Look at the case of Messi. It happened anyway, they said it was financially impossible and we made money with Messi. He has no idea and should focus on his championship because his championship is a bit dead piqued Nasser, who did not stop there.

Nasser lights up Real

In Spain, the state supports certain clubs and more than us. A magnificent stadium in the middle of the city without paying anything… We pay for the stadium, for the training center, and they are more supported than us. It is not fair. We pay for the stadium, for the training center, for everything… embraced Al Khelafi, determined to pay Real Madrid and its Super League project.

The Super League is dead, but Real Madrid is strange. They win the Champions League, they celebrate it for days, but they don’t like playing it. If they don’t like this competition, they don’t have to play it , a finished businessman. Particular declarations of sale which will make a lot of noise on the other side of the Pyrenees.

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