PSG: Donnarumma sacred, a Nantes resident wonders

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Despite his excellent season in Nantes, Alban Lafont (23 years old, 37 games in L1 this season) was not named best goalkeeper in Ligue 1 at the UNFP Trophies. A surprising choice for his teammate Wylan Cyprien (27 years old, 23 games and 2 goals in L1 this season) who wonders how to comment on the Parisian Gianluigi Donnarumma (23 years old, 17 games in L1 this season) could be rewarded.

“I wasted my whole evening because I thought he (Lafont) was going to have the trophy, and they gave it to Donnarumma, I was disgusted, reacted the middle in the show Le Vestiaire on RMC Sport I don’t know who’s voting, but he only played 17 games Donnarumma, even though he’s a very, very good goalkeeper, but on the whole season, for me… Even Benitez is doing better season than Donnarumma for example.”

Remember that the trophy was named after the votes of the Ligue 1 goalkeepers.

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