PSG crowned champion of France after their success against Montpellier

Crowned champion of France without interruption since 2015, PSG handball adds in 2022 a new title to this remarkable series since the partners of Nikola Karabatic have been assured since Friday evening and their victory against Montpellier (37-33) to maintain their national supremacy.

Author of the best start to the season in the history of the French championship, PSG continues its season of all records by being crowned champion for the eighth consecutive time, five days before the final verdict.

Fifteen days after the correction suffered at the MHB in the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France (41-24), PSG wanted to confirm their superiority against their intimate enemy and extend a little more their historic series of 24 league victories for as many met. This time, the suspense will have lasted at least the space of a half.

Because in this duel of extremes between the best attack in the championship (Paris, 36 goals scored per match) and the best defense (27.88 goals conceded by the MHB), it is indeed the visitors who have managed their business best with a a thunderous start to the match (11-6 then 16-11, 20th), taking full advantage of multiple loss of balls on the Parisian side.

Without panic, Paris then relied on Yann Gentil to reconnect with his defensive solidity and the diabolical efficiency of Luc Steins (8/9 on shots, top scorer of the match) to catch up just before the break (18-18 ).

Prandi passes the 500 goal mark

Patrice Canayer’s men who had nevertheless recovered from the loss of Yannis Lenne (broken left hand, 9th) had clearly missed their chance.

The 4-0 lost by Paris on the return from the locker room left no longer any doubt to recover as to the outcome of the meeting. Without giving the impression of forcing, PSG quietly headed for a 25th success, synonymous with a new title of champion of France. As a symbol, Elohim Prandi, who has come a long way after his knife attack suffered on New Year’s Eve, returned the bar to 500 but registered in the championship.

Untouchable in the league, the proteges of Raul Gonzalez can now turn to their clash of the quarter-finals of the Champions League against the Germans of Kiel next Wednesday at Coubertin. Montpellier, which will have no demerits this Friday evening, will play its quarter-final the next day against the Poles of Kielce.


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