Pochettino and Leonardo weakened by Mbappé’s extension… Follow the outcome with us

Hola chicas, hola chicos! It’s the big day, finally normally. You never know with Kylian, at any time he can do a 180 degree drift. But everything still seems to indicate that this time is the right one. Mbappé should FINALLY announce where he will play next year? PSG? Real ? Paris ? Madrid? Nasser? Florentine? The suspense has long since become unbearable and it is high time to end it. The latest echoes report a balance of power to the advantage of Parisians and pessimism is in order in Spain, where moreover leaked what would appear to be the financial arguments of Nasser and company in the Mbappé file: 300M in euros signing bonus and 100M salary.

>> Let’s go for an afternoon of zinzins (after we will switch to PSG-Metz)

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