Piqué (FC Barcelona) close to buying a legendary French club!

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Whether we like or dislike Gerard Piqué, we have to recognize a vision in him. That of a business leader who ignored himself for years but who comes back like a boomerang approaching retirement. Always on the lookout for new opportunities, the defender of FC Barcelona (35) and his company Kosmos, which are for example already owners of the Davis Cup of tennis, have, last spring, thus tried to become the owners of the Red Star (National). In this takeover project, he was not alone since he had with him several French players and entrepreneurs…

“We were on the verge of buying the Red Star”

“We were on the verge of buying the Red Star. Unfortunately, we landed a little late in the negotiations, details Pique in L’Équipe. But I went to Paris, I saw the stadium, I spoke with Patrice Haddad, the owner at the time… I’m interested because it’s been going very well since we bought FC Andorra. We recovered the club in the 5th Division and today we are first in D3 and we may go up. We are looking to replicate this model in another club. We looked in Europe for a club that could meet our desires and our expectations. And the Red Star, for its history, the fact that it is in Paris (in Saint-Ouen), for its spectacular supporters, its stadium which is being renovated… we liked it straight away. We made a very good offer at the last minute, but it didn’t happen in the end. But buying clubs is part of our plans. »

to summarize

Always on the lookout for new opportunities, Gerard Pique (FC Barcelona, ​​35) and his company Kosmos recently tried to become the owners of Red Star, who play in National. What to give ideas in Ligue 1?

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