Philippe Etchebest: Beardless, shirtless and damn muscular, he radically changes his style!

He is a colorful character, whose style has sometimes been imitated but never equalled: Philippe Etchebest is a must on M6, between the flagship program Excellent chefin which he is part of the jury, and of course Kitchen nightmarein which he goes to restaurants in difficulty to raise the number of customers and often clean up the establishment.

And with his shaved head and big beard, the bosses concerned often see him coming from afar! But do you know that he sometimes changed his style… on behalf of one of his shows precisely? In 2013, he had indeed filmed an episode of Nightmare at the Hotel which marked his fans. On the same principle as the basic show, this episode sees him rate an establishment, the room, the bathroom, the room service, etc….

And a sequence had greatly impressed viewers: as he came out of the shower he had just tested, he appeared in a towel, shirtless and above all … without a beard! A totally unusual look for the stern chef, whom some viewers had also found rather sexy like that and which reminds us with his mountain of muscles that he should not be too upset…

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