personalized profiles finally arrive, with separate recommendations

After an endless wait and quite a slow rollout, Custom Profiles are finally available on Google TV. If you want to be able to use them, remember to update your system.

Source: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

It was known that Google had been working on personalized profiles on Google TV for a year, but the feature was still not rolled out. After the announcement of the start of the deployment, it is finally effective.

A long-awaited feature

Google had promised, but not yet deployed. If the multi-account already existed, it was not very useful. Indeed, the recommendations were not different from one account to another, but were actually those of the main account connected to the system. To avoid disappointment, Google had added the profiles for children in order to separate the contents intended for adults and those intended for toddlers.

However, the ” true multi-account was not there yet. The giant had promised to take it out, but delayed all the same. Rolling it out took several weeks, but it’s finally here and it’s going to delight many.

An update that adds custom profiles

This isThe edgewhich reports that the latest Google TV update adds the famous personalized profiles. After the latter, a startup screen titled “Introducing Profiles on Google TVappears and allows you to discover this option. You can then add a Google account on the Chromecast, the television or the TV box. Once the account(s) have been added, we can have personalized recommendations and separate lists of content to watch. Enough to avoid having your roommate’s rose water series or your parents’ animal documentaries in your recommendations.

From now on, “your media content and activity are synchronized on all the devices on which you are connected“Learn about it on the dedicated Google support page. Be careful, it is possible that the function is not yet available on your television. Also, “sI use you a business account, like a work or school account, some services prefer not to work“.

Google TV is therefore continuing its series of improvements after adding a content news feed or faster access to its content via Google Assistant on the Chromecast.

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