Pay close attention to these 3 mistakes we all make in the kitchen!

Many French people use olive oil for cooking. Nevertheless, here are some mistakes to avoid to guarantee the flavor of your dishes.

Cooking enthusiasts can’t help but get an olive oil during his classes. Why ? They know the flavor that this oil can bring to their preparations.

Thus, it is always essential to add a few drops to bring more flavor to our bites, a delicate and unique flavor. However, you absolutely must know these three mistakes in the kitchen concerning the use of this oil. In this article, we will reveal them to you without further delay!

Olive oil: Do not keep it too long

Like all products sold in the supermarket, olive oil also has an expiry date. Moreover, experts always advise to check this date before its purchase to avoid side effects of the product. These are harmful to the body. So, always pay attention to this little detail that could cost you dearly.

For information, olive oil can be kept between 18 and 24 months after opening. Write this down in case you don’t see the expiration date. According to professionals, the oil can go rancid and become unpleasant after this date. This means that it will no longer be able to give a unique taste to your dish. In addition, you will not be immune to diseases that may appear.

Apart from that, you can also taste the olive oil to know if it is still possible to use it. To do this, stick your finger in the oil and check if there is a difference. Normally, you’ll have to think about replacing it if you wince at the taste. In effect, this one will no longer be good in the kitchen and deserves to be thrown in the trash.

All these tips and tricks are necessary to give your recipes a real Mediterranean taste thanks to olive oil. Besides, you should always be more careful about all the foodstuffs you buy in the supermarkets. The expiry date must be checked and respected to avoid many inconveniences.

It endangers your pipeline

We know what awaits us when our kitchen drain is at its worst. And yes ! We will be obliged to repair at the risk of aggravating the situation. This is why we want to warn you to avoid spending a fortune on this repair. But, in fact, why is it said that olive oil is bad for your pipeline?

We think directly of pouring the olive oil into our sink once it has passed its expiry date. Indeed, it is a good gesture but note that it can clog your pipes. Also, experts do not recommend throwing everything directly in the trash. Consider recycling the glass or plastic container of the liquid.

To do this, Pour the olive oil into a container and then throw it in the trash. This way you can send the container for recycling. It is a gesture that respects the environment and nature at the same time. On the other hand, you will also avoid any repairs to your pipes in the event that they are clogged. You save repair costs.

Finally, don’t waste your olive oil and only buy the amount that’s right for you. Indeed, it is better to buy in small quantities which would be enough for us for a while. Unless we only make dishes that provide for the daily use of oil. Otherwise, we risk throwing money out the window.

Olive oil is not recommended for frying!

This is the most common mistake since we absolutely want to have a good taste when cooking with olive oil. There is no problem with that if we add it to our ingredients. On the other hand, avoid using this oil for frying potatoes or breaded dishes. Also, food fried with this oil is not at all preservable and consumable.

Know that olive oil tends to denature and begins to secrete carbohydrates toxic to health when it reaches the smoking point. As a result, avoid using it so as not to endanger yourself and those around you. Experts recommend using sunflower, coconut or avocado oil for your frying.

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