One of singer Hoshi’s stalkers arrested

“Are we ever going to put an end to the hatred and the insults? Will someone come and tell them, that we love each other and that it’s not impure. On the stage of the Victoires de la Musique this Friday in March 2020, the singer Hoshi, Mathilde Gerner of her real name, delivers a strong message against homophobia. Above all, at the end of her performance, she links the gesture to the word and kisses a dancer present with her on the stage. In the background, as if to support the difficulty in living freely with one’s sexuality, homophobic remarks burst out. The message of tolerance, broadcast at prime time, is strong. But it obviously displeases some.

In the wake of her performance, the young artist from Versailles was insulted and harassed by hundreds of homophobic messages published on social networks. “I love lesbians, and music is from the sea…” writes, for example, a user in a message revealed by Hoshi. Others go even further and issue very explicit death threats to the 26-year-old singer. “We have to take out the weapons, me it will be (sic) my AK47”, writes a stalker on Twitter.

“It’s been more than two years since I filed a complaint for the threats and insults of a homophobic nature that I have received since my song Love Censorship, wrote the young singer on May 26 on the social network. I look good. I don’t know. I try to be strong, but this is what I still get frequently. Justice is slow, very slow. I live with the daily fear that one of them will act. Do you intend to act? »

Several minors identified

According to our information, the investigation opened by the National Pole for the Fight against Online Hate of the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office has just made a forward link. This Monday, June 20, investigators from the Central Office for Combating Crimes Against Humanity and Hate Crimes (OCLCH) arrested a young adult suspected of having repeatedly threatened the singer with death. Information confirmed by the Paris prosecutor’s office. The young man would have sent violent and repeated messages to the singer. Resident in Brittany, this young man described as “a screen addict” would have recognized the facts during his police custody, which lasted 24 hours. He was released at the end, additional investigations to be carried out before possible prosecution.

This young man is currently not the only one to have been identified. According to a source familiar with the matter, several minors suspected of having published hate messages against Hoshi after his stage performance were also suspected by OCLCH investigators. The identities of these young people have been transmitted to the local public prosecutor’s offices, which will be responsible for initiating any proceedings against the minors.

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