OM: the future, Sampaoli warns his bosses

After the known failure in the semi-final of the Europa League Conference against Feyenoord (2-3, 0-0), Olympique de Marseille will seek to maintain their 2nd place in Ligue 1 to end the season with a positive balance sheet. Invited to project himself on the future of the Marseille club, coach Jorge Sampaoli broadcast a few messages regarding the future of OM.

“All of this will have to be seen how the team will finish, then also the ambitions of the club, and not those of the coach. Because each person will evaluate all of this differently. For example, could this limited squad play There will be an analysis to be done, a final evaluation, a review by the staff and another by the leaders. And from there, there will be a decision to be made by the owner, to decide on the direction to take. Can all of this fit together? We will have a clear reading of OM, but it will also depend on our end of the season”, insisted the Argentinian, before continuing.

“Because the Champions League must generate greater investment. It’s different if we are in the Europa League. Do we also want to claim the title in Ligue 1? We will have to see according to the objectives and if that can We will have to make an assessment: has this young workforce been up to the task? The leaders will also have to do it. (…) Where does the club want to go? With whom and with what? It may be that for us, we had a good season, but maybe for the leaders, with the squad we have, it’s an average season. Several paths are possible. There are several points of view to take. into account: the sporting, the economic, the requirements of each”, finished Sampaoli in front of the press this Friday.

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