OM: messages from Sampaoli his direction for the future of the Marseille club

Invited to project on the future of Olympique de Marseille, coach Jorge Sampaoli took the opportunity to send several messages to his management. While Marseille president Pablo Longoria hopes to extend it, the Argentinian is visibly seeing answers to the Olympian project.

Jorge Sampaoli attends to take stock of the season.

The sprint final in Ligue 1 will be of great importance in the results of the season for Olympique de Marseille. With a greatly renewed workforce last summer despite limited resources, this 2021-2022 financial year, after the failure in the semi-finals of the Europa League Conference, will still be positive if the Marseille club manages to keep its 2nd place in the classification in Ligue 1, synonymous with qualification for the Champions League.

Three days before the end of the championship, the Marseille coach Jorge Sampaoli was also invited to project himself on the future of OM.

Sampaoli is waiting to see the balance sheet…

Logically, the Argentinian directly conditions the future of the team in the final classification in L1. However, the former coach of Chile also distills several messages in the direction of its leaders. For one, it will be necessary to see how the team will finish, then also the ambitions of the club, and not those of the coach. Because each person will estimate everything differently. For example, could this limited squad play as many matches? There will be an analysis, a final evaluation, a review by the staff and another by the leaders. And from there, there will be a decision taken by the owner, to decide on the direction to take. Can it all fit together? We will have a clear reading of OM, but it will also depend on our end of the seasoninsists the Olympian coach.

And according to the European competition contested by Marseille, Sampaoli, who has often pointed out the limits of his current group, will have expectations fulfilled. Because the Champions League must generate greater investment. It’s different if we are in the Europa League. Do we also want to claim the title in Ligue 1? We will have to see according to the objectives and if it can match. We will have an assessment to make: does this young squad measure up? Leaders should do it toohe confided.

A project to be defined

For his part, Marseille president Pablo Longoria did not wait for the outcome of this season to make an initial assessment. Satisfied with the work of his coach, the Spaniard already wants to extend it. But to find common ground, the two men will have to share a long-term vision, which will also have to be in agreement with the investment made by owner Frank McCourt.

Where does the club want to go? With whom and with what? Maybe for us, we had a good season but maybe for the leaders, with the workforce we have, it’s an average season. Several paths are possible. There are several points of view to take into account: the sporty, the economic, the requirements of each, a 62-year-old man terminus. Before drawing up a real roadmap, OM have a guaranteed end to the season.

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