No Apple CarPlay in the Tesla? A Model 3 owner had a brilliant idea!

Tesla has made a choice, that of developing its own operating system for the gigantic touch screen at the front of the vehicle. If it is difficult to reproach Tesla for having taken the initiative of having wanted to do everything even on your own, we regret when the company of Elon Musk does not open up to third-party solutions like … Apple CarPlay !

A trick to have CarPlay in a Tesla

Today, the majority of car manufacturers are approaching Apple to insert CarPlay in their vehicles and/or Google to offer Android Auto. Tesla, which has always been a separate brand, has chosen not to go in this direction, which displeases much to many iPhone owners who prefer an Apple CarPlay experience in their Tesla.

From then on, there are two types of people, the one who will submit to Tesla’s policy and to abandon the idea of ​​using CarPlay in their car and the one… who absolutely wants Apple CarPlay and will use a surprising trick.
This is the case of the user of Reddit euge_leefrustrated at not being able to take advantage of the Apple OS in his Tesla Model 3, he made the decision to create your own home system.

carplay in a tesla

This trick that cost only $150 it’s simple… euge_lee ordered the tablet Amazon Fire 8 Plus and an “installed” Apple CarPlay above. Of course, since it wasn’t possible to get the interface through an Android app, the Reddit user got hold of a CarLinkIt dongle a $58.
This product allows you to have CarPlay on any screen, including a tablet, it was the perfect opportunity!

Some additional investments were necessary, it was necessary to buy: a Lightning cable, a wireless charger, a USB OTG cable and to conclude a magnetic support in order to place the tablet below the screen deployed by Tesla.
euge_lee Explain :

I love that. I especially like the “floating screen” look in the way I mounted it. The CarPlay works great, no hiccups or issues so far. All the apps I mentioned above work as expected and the user interface is great. I posted a few years ago to offer my JL Audio subwoofer setup and this CarPlay upgrade stoked my love for in-car entertainment once again.

carplay in a tesla model 3

Behind this installation, there are several Bluetooth connections that allow you to take advantage of the features of CarPlay with the Tesla. Hold on tight, it’s a whole system!

The Android tablet runs “AutoLink”, a side-loading APK file that basically works with the CarLinkIt dongle to emulate a car with the Carplay entertainment system. Many cars run on Linux, QNX or Android OS, which is why (ironically) you need an Android tablet for Apple CarPlay.

The Android tablet connects via BT to the Tesla. The iPhone is “remotely controlled” by the tablet and the audio is sent via the lightning cable to the tablet. A ‘beta’ feature lets you send iPhone audio directly to the Tesla via Bluetooth, but not everything works yet. So for now having the tablet send BT audio is preferable and works perfectly.

This fantastic idea should catch the eye of Tesla owners who are right in the heart of the Apple ecosystem. This solution makes it possible to use CarPlay effectively while waiting for our dear Elon Musk to make sure to get closer to Apple to insert CarPlay…

installing carplay in a tesla 1
installing carplay in a tesla


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