Nîmes: World Blood Donor Day rolls out the red carpet to donors

For this Tuesday, June 14, World Blood Donor Day, the EFS is in a “special cinema” mobile collection on the Esplanade Feuchères, opposite the forecourt of the Palais de Justice in the heart of Nîmes. The team hopes to collect many donations to replenish its stocks.

It has been many months since the start of the pandemic that the stocks of the French Blood Establishment (EFS) have been critical. So we are working hard for World Blood Donor Day in front of the Palais de Justice. “Today, fame is the giver”, says an employee of the EFS, using the slogan of the event. Against the backdrop of a thematic cinema with the main attraction being an instant selfie machine, the EFS and the French Federation for Voluntary Blood Donation (FFDSB) are pulling out all the stops to attract customers.

Useful donations whatever your group

10 volunteers came to support the medical team today Tuesday, June 14, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. for the mobile collection “cinema special”. Michel, from the FFDSB, assists “at least 120 donors” for the day. Most wanted profiles: “negative rhesus, even if we don’t refuse any donor of course. The blood is never thrown away, it always finds a use, even for the most represented groups”he specifies.

An underrated theme

This special cinema day? “Not an added value for me, replies Michelle, but being outside is fun”. Regular donor, she would have come anyway, but complains that before the snacks “were more generous”.

Ditto on Benjamin’s side, for whom it was the first donation today and who had spotted the date on the displays, but who comes above all “to know my blood type”. He therefore declined the invitation to the selfie, but will return in 8 weeks, as soon as he can give again, to be able to receive his donor card and know his rhesus.

Finally, it is perhaps the volunteers who will have the most fun with the selfie machine!

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