Nightmare in the kitchen: what has become of Damien and Élodie’s restaurant since the passage of Philippe Etchebest?

This Friday, May 20, M6 viewers discovered a new episode of Kitchen nightmare starring Elodie and Damien. But how is the restaurant of the couple since the intervention of Philippe Etchebest?

Philippe Etchebest was still on duty this Friday, May 20! M6 broadcast an unpublished episode of Kitchen nightmarefor which the famous cook went in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes. The juror of Excellent chef came to the aid of Damien and Elodie, a couple who were considering closing their restaurant due to mounting debts. It must be said that the chef was flabbergasted by their way of managing the establishment. Without counting on the state of the place…I’ve seen all the colors, but frankly it’s scary, it’s still a massacre, he reproached them when he discovered the unhealthiness of the kitchen. Between the food residues on the walls and the sticky floor, Philippe Etchebest almost turned around.

But if the chef finally agreed to take up the challenge, it was because he was big enough: in addition to his management problems, the couple revealed they were in financial trouble. Indeed, the establishment is in receivership for having accumulated two late rents and nearly 11,000 euros in debt. But how has their establishment been since filming, done three months ago?

Elodie gives news of the restaurant

At the time of Philippe Etchebest’s intervention, the two lovebirds had recorded”a drop in activity” and encountered some difficulties in their couple. But the intervention of the teams of Kitchen nightmare was not in vain since, as Elodie has just revealed, business picked up again since the passage of the starred chef. “Today, everything is going great! On the weekends, we are generally full. Turnover level, on an upslope. To achieve this, he gave us a lot of advice and we put it into practice.“, testified the wife of Damien in the columns of Tele-Leisure. Proof that they did well to place their trust in Philippe Etchebest!

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