Nightmare in the kitchen: Philippe Etchebest disappointed by the rhythm in the kitchen, he makes a radical decision (ZAPTV)

Wednesday June 22, M6 broadcast a new episode of Kitchen nightmare. Called to the rescue by the son of a restaurant owner, Philippe Etchebest had a difficult time. To the point of organizing a real “lottery” of the dishes when they no longer arrived from the kitchen.

Last week, the 2022 edition of Excellent chef ended with the great victory of Louise, crowned against Arnaud. It is only the third time that a woman has been crowned at the end of the culinary competition, the first since 2013. The big event wrapped up on M6, the channel is offering another culinary program for this new week with the return of Kitchen nightmare. Philippe Etchebestin the oven and at the mill on the chain between Top Chef, Top Chef Goal (where he’ll be joined by a former contestant) and the runaway restaurant rescue show.

This week, he came to the aid of Raphael, restaurateur, after being contacted by his 12-year-old son, very worried about his father and his establishment. And there was enough: badly prepared dishes, random service, filthy kitchen from floor to ceiling and especially boss completely picks up.

Who wants a carbonara?

As tradition dictates, Philippe Etchebest (and his mustache) came to lunch alone to see the extent of the damage, before throwing them into the deep end during a full service. But the experience turned into a disaster: overwhelmed, abandoned by their boss, the waitress and the cook have lost track of the evening and especially the delivery of the dishes. Enough to make the starred chef and Meilleur Ouvrier de France drunk with anger, who gave Raphaël a real soap on his lack of involvement in his own restaurant.

Until the cook announces that he can no longer deliver dishes, for lack of available ingredients and time to prepare them. Hallucinated by the situation and by the legitimate impatience of the customers, Philippe Etchebest then made a hilarious decision: to organize an “auction” of the rare dishes coming out of the kitchen. “Is there a carbonara left? Who wants a carbonara? Ah hold the gentleman raised his hand it’s for him” he launches at first. “It’s the first who raises a finger who is served, it’s going to be good, it’slike the lotto” add front camera. “Attention ladies next issue, get ready“he launches one last time, laughing. Without doubt the last giggle before a long work of recovery in this adrift establishment…

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