Nightmare in the kitchen: a detail concerning one of the participants shocks Internet users (ZAPTV)

Friday, May 20, in Cauchemar in the kitchen, Philippe Etchebest came to the aid of Damien and Elodie. And one detail particularly shocked Internet users: Damien’s age. “He’s 28? In Earth years?”to read on Twitter.

They really needed help. In the episode of Kitchen nightmare, published Friday, May 20, Philippe Etchebest went to help Damien and Élodie, owners of a restaurant for only seven months. Restaurant that does not attract customers, to the point that they are in debt to the tune of 10,000 euros, not to mention their credit and that they found themselves in receivership. And the juror of Excellent chef quickly understood why: the establishment itself was not welcoming, and neither was the owner.

The show Kitchen nightmare, the arrival of Philippe Etchebest as well as Mallory Gabsi was therefore the last chance of Damien and Élodie, parents of a little girl named Manon. “It’s been seven to eight months since we bought this restaurant, because it was my dream to open a restaurant. It’s like it’s our second childthe cook explained to the cameras, adding: “We give everything we can in this restaurant, but unfortunately it does not work. The services are very random and unfortunately it is not commendable for us.” A story that touched internet users, who were, however, ticked on one detail: Damien’s age.

“He’s 28? In Earth years?”

When Damien showed up, he said he was 28, which caused a stir on Twitter. He is 28 years old ? In Earth years?“, “The guy is 28, he looks 45…”, “Damien, the first 28-year-old man who looks older than his grandfather”, “Dude, you’re 28… Are you sure? What age were you born? Or are you 28 without tax!”, “I’m 28 and I already look like Francois Hollande at 80, it accelerates aging violently restoration”, we were able to read on the social network. Age is in the head, as they say.

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