New government: the appointment of Pap Ndiaye to National Education polarizes reactions

On the left, the reactions are a little more measured when meeting the man who was made a Knight of the Legion of Honor last January. “It is possible that a break with Mr. Blanquer”, hopes Eric Coquerel, LFI deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis, at the microphone of LCI. Despite everything, the parliamentarian is waiting to see the acts before deciding definitively.

“For me, he was not at all in there. What is certain is that it was necessary to “unblock” National Education”, abounds his colleague, Alexis Corbière. But “this media stunt, the only one from this lackluster government, will not defuse the deep anger” in the area, he warns. “I welcome the appointment of Pap Ndiaye, a great intellectual”loose, for his part, Jean-Luc Mélenchon who applauds “boldness”.


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