“New furniture, new kitchen”: Martine had to fight for compensation after the floods

Almost a year after the deadly floods of July 2021, the insurance companies are carrying out an inventory. Nearly 90% of the victims have been compensated. More than 2.5 billion euros have been paid. In Fraipont, Martine finally returned home last month. A long obstacle course.

Nearly a year after the floods, Martine, a resident of Fraipont, can finally live again in her apartment. But her fight is not over, she still has to receive 20% of the total amount of her compensation provided she sends the last invoices. “All invoices concerning major works are at building level. We had to tear everything out and redo everything“, she explains.

Under three meters of water, the damage is counted in tens of thousands of euros.

To justify them, messages and phone calls were sometimes not enough. A real obstacle course. “We had to fight every day to be able to get what we were entitled to. Nobody asked for anything.”

In total, 75,496 files were opened for a gigantic cost of 2.5 billion euros. Insurance companies estimate that 90% of the victims have been compensated. But in reality, it’s a little more complicated: “Many tell me that I am lucky to have new tiles, new furniture, a new kitchen. In the meantime, all the memories of a lifetime are lost. It’s something that can’t be replaced.” adds the resident of Fraipont.

Martine hopes to pay her bills before the building holidays to have peace of mind after one year and thus turn the page after one year.

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