Netflix is ​​looking for participants to organize a “Squid Game” in real life

Hundreds of participants are wanted to take part in the Squid Game events, less dangerous than in the series but with a hell of a lot at stake.

It will be “Netflix’s biggest social experience” promises the famous streaming platform by sharing a resounding announcement on social networks since Tuesday, June 14, 2022. Participants are wanted to take part in life-size games inspired by Netflix. universe of “Squid Game”, the Korean series which broke all audience records when it was released in September 2021.

“Real players will be immersed” in these games and “they will never know what awaits them”. Fortunately, there will be a fundamental difference with the successful series: the participants will not risk their lives. “All the players will come out unscathed,” reassures Netflix anyway.

But as in the series, a sacred reward will await the winner: a jackpot of 4.56 million dollars. A number that echoes the bib number of the main character of the series (456).

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—Netflix (@netflix) June 14, 2022

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The casting is open. You must be at least 21 years old, be available for the 4 weeks of the program in 2023 and have a passport to travel if the filming takes place in a country foreign to yours.

A presentation video must be sent explaining why you want to participate, what your game plan will be, and what you would do if you win the huge sum of money at stake… All the information by clicking on this link .

But by the way, what is “Squid Game”?

The name of the series refers to what could be translated as “the squid game”, a very popular activity in South Korea as hopscotch could be in France. The participants are brought to participate in games in principle of children but in reality of mortals, with a large sum of money at stake. Marble game, tug of war, 1,2,3 sun… Childhood memories that turned into a nightmare for the 456 participants.

The success was immediate for the series: it was seen by 142 million subscribers after the first month of its release on the platform. A phenomenon which will therefore logically be entitled to a season 2.

“Squid Game” has already been recreated in real life

Two months after its release, the American youtubeur MrBeast took up the crazy challenge of recreating the “Squid Game” events and involving 456 participants… by noting the deadly aspect of the events. The person who made it to the end won $456,000.

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