NATIONAL GOOGLE.COM DAY – September 15, 2022


History of National Day

Google’s story began in January 1996. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, PhD students at Stanford University, started a research project to create a better search engine. They developed an algorithm called PageRank, which analyzed the relationships between websites; he determined their relevance based on the number of links to other sites.

When the search engine was first developed, one of its first names was “BackRub”. This name was changed to Google, a misspelling of the word “Googol”, which means the number one with 100 zeros after it. This was chosen because Google provides a lot of information and demonstrates that information on the Internet is endless.

On September 15, 1997, Page and Brin registered the domain “”. In 1998, after raising funds from investors, Page and Brin incorporated their business in a room attached to a friend’s garage in Menlo Park, California. In December 1999, Google was in beta mode, with approximately 10,000 search queries being answered per day.


In 2003, Google moved its headquarters to what is now known as Googleplex. Originally, it was a 40-acre campus in Mountain View, California. Over time, they purchased several buildings on the site and gave them informal names. The campus had an open concept with no cubicles, and balls were used as chairs.

Merriam-Webster added the word “Google” to its college dictionary in 2006, defining it as “using the Google search engine for information on the Internet.” The company started as a search engine, but now provides many other services. In 2015, the company restructured and became Alphabet Inc., and Google became its largest subsidiary.

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