Nasdas: “How can I be accused of ripping people off when you see how much I give?”

The Nasdas influencer wanted to speak out after being attacked on social networks regarding the dissemination of his bank card codes.

Monday May 2, the Perpignan influencer Nasdas revealed on his Snapchat account the numbers of his credit card, with nearly 15,000 euros on it. Within minutes, millions of people rushed to make purchases, capped at 250 euros by the influencer.

However, Internet users who placed orders on Amazon received a message the next day stating that they had been canceled and that their account had been blocked. Very quickly, many seized Twitter in order to express their dissatisfaction, by crying scam.

The problem is with Amazon

Contacted by The Independenthis team explained that the blockage came entirely from the platform Amazon and that the influencer had nothing to do with it. According to them, Amazon would validate the orders before consulting the bank. Many orders would therefore have been confirmed when the influencer’s 15,000 euros had already been spent.

Nasdas has stated very clearly that‘he “there is no cheating”. Himself does “didn’t expect such enthusiasm, the 15,000 euros were gone in 30 seconds”.

Nasdas misunderstanding

Met this Monday evening at Place Cassanyes in Perpignan, the influencer fell from above in the face of accusations. “How can you accuse me of ripping people off when you see how much I give?”, he gets annoyed before adding not having never found [ses] under”.

His entourage also indicated that Nasdas would communicate on its networks no later than tomorrow regarding this case.


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