Music from the Google ad “Life is the most beautiful search” 2022

The best answers are in life! This is the message that Google France is trying to send us in its new campaign. The music for the commercial is an original creation specially composed for the film by Yuksek.

The Google France advertising campaign

“Google it! » How many times have you heard this suggestion around you? However, the search engine is showing humility in its new advertising campaign by showing us the complete opposite of what we attribute to it. Indeed, the campaign designed in the care of the DDB Paris agency and called “Life is the most beautiful research” aims to bring the French people together around what is most important.

Even if Google is able to bring us billions of answers, even to the most improbable questions, nothing can replace the one that life reveals to us. Through this advertising campaign, Google confirms its leading position among search engines while admitting that it is not infallible. With a film full of emotion, Google we bring to meet touching characters in everyday scenes where everyone finds their own answers.

The 2022 Google Ad “Life is the most beautiful search”

The advertisement Google “Life is the most beautiful search” shows a man in difficulty in front of the stove. He tries to demonstrate to make a good impression in front of his partner’s parents. We then discover a little girl who plays with her father, then a couple who share a moment of tenderness. The ad continues with two friends trying to pitch a tent for a campsite. The ad continues with a dad trying to comfort his crying newborn. She continues by showing two women, one of whom is of a certain age, in full laughter.

During all these scenes that are activated in everyday life, the questions that arise in these situations are displayed. How to make a good first impression? How to transmit a passion? How do we know if we are in love? How do you recognize true friends? Are we happier by the sea? How to be on top? At what age do you really feel like an adult? The ad ends with a message from Google. “We can give you thousands of answers. It’s up to you to find yours. Life is the most beautiful search”.

What is the music of the Google France 2022 ad?

To accompany its new advertising campaign, Google France has named the task to the artist Yuksek. The title is an original creation which was specially designed for advertising and which is not marketed. Yuksek from his real name Pierre-Alexandre Busson is an electro musician of French nationality. He is also a composer, remixer and producer of film music.

Yuksek is the creator of the festival Electricity which takes place every year in Reims. In 2017, he directed the first video clip shot in space with Thomas Pesquet. He is accompanied in this adventure by the Greek singer Monicaof the duo His, Romain Rappak, Kim and Juveniles. Pierre Alexandre currently has 4 studio albums and several EPs to his credit. However, he continues to remix sounds for artists.

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