MotoGP France Le Mans J3 Johann Zarco (Ducati / 5): “a good race and even starting further ahead I would not have raced Bastianini”

It was a satisfied Johann Zarco who left the Bugatti Le Mans circuit this evening at the end of the French Grand Prix, which he finished in 5th position after having had the luxury of overtaking Marc Marquez in the race.

Of course, the ideal would have been to get on the podium, as he did last year behind Jack Miller and in front Fabio Quartararobut starting 9th on the grid because of a weakness and having once again made an average start, the Pramac driver left La Sarthe with the satisfaction of having accomplished his duty by erasing the crash that occurred at Jerez.

John Zarco: “Satisfied all the same, it was a good race! Starting ninth, as the starts are always the weak point, I try to have this shot to get out of the grid really well, but as soon as the bike rears up, I lose time. The start was not good, but then I was incisive enough to try to keep my place and overtake, but it is sometimes difficult to place the bike in the turns. So satisfied with the fight in this way, and the pace of the race, because I was still able to make an interesting comeback.
I have seen that quite a few pilots have been able to make mistakes. It was not easy to stay focused. It took me a long time to pass Nakagami, because I had a curious lack of acceleration in the last corner, which cost me a lot, a lot of meters in the straight line, and suddenly, the effort I made in the first sector was not used for me to overtake: this is the reason why it took me a long time to pass Nakagami. The lack of acceleration was probably too much wheelies and electronic cuts, probably related to being behind another bike and losing downforce. It was a real difference compared to the tests and it did not make the task easy. But there you go, good pace.
I then needed to breathe Marquez a bit, then when I passed him I made another effort thinking I could catch up with the group in front, but it was too much effort to make and they were too loin. And since then, there was the fall of Pecco, and I was able to take this fifth place, I said to myself “well, it would be good to go up again, but if you can’t, take the 11 points and continue to move forward”. It was a good race, a good weekend, progressing. »

However, the French driver coldly analyzes his margin of progress…

“No, really, zero regrets. Zero regrets, because just in simple rhythm, I feel that it is not yet what I. It’s definitely harder to find than I could imagine. But there is progress all the same and that’s why we must not let go. It may be longer than expected, but there are a lot of things that I still manage to insert. But no, zero regrets. Because even if I go further ahead, no doubt it would have been easier for me to stay with the others, but since I see that I don’t yet have the right trigger to do what I want with the motorcycle, well, there is always this little “but”. It’s progressing, it was a good race, and even starting further ahead I wouldn’t have raced Bastianini. »

John Zarco goes from 7th to 6th place in the championship, tied on points with Jack Miller5th.

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