Monkey pox: A first confirmed case in a child in Ile-de-France

A first case of monkeypox in a child has been confirmed in Île-de-France. The Regional Health Agency (ARS) has indicated that he has been taken care of and shows no signs of seriousness.

While at least 330 cases of monkey pox were reported last Thursday throughout France according to Public Health France, the ARS of Île-de-France announced this Saturday that it had detected this viral disease in a child educated in primary school.

“This is the first confirmed case of monkeypox in a child in France” indicated the Regional Health Agency, since “the virus had already affected only adults”, including 227 in Île-de-France .

The Reagents, the ARS and the Public Health France team quickly carried out investigations with the aim of tracing “as quickly as possible the child’s chain of contacts”. And according to the first results, “a probable case has been identified within the same siblings”.

Recommendations to follow

In their press release, the ARS also specified that the disease can be transmitted in the same family “by sharing linens, living rooms, and by cutlery in particular”.

For their part, National Education is responsible for sending a message to the parents of students attending the same school as the infected child. It invites you to follow the following recommendations: monitor the appearance of symptoms (fever, rash) and call 15 if necessary; and be offered a consultation in order to have the child benefit from a vaccination if this is required by the doctor.

Finally, in the absence of symptoms, and in the state of knowledge, there is no known risk of contagion. No measure is therefore necessary for the child (neither isolation nor adaptation of activities) nor for the other members of the family.

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