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Another new game! Apple Arcade, like almost every Friday, welcomes a novelty with this time Cooking Mama: Cuisine!. As in all games in the series, you will have to get to the kitchen by considering the right ingredients and utensils, then find a dish to fill your famous recipe book.

Cook Mama in the kitchen!

Cut, cook, boil…
The latest Cooking Mama is available on Apple Arcade!

No surprise with this new Cooking Mama, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty to concoct the best dishes. Before embarking on the actual preparation, you have the possibility, and even the obligation, to test different combinations in order to see what might work.

Rather than leaving the player to fend for himself, Cooking Mama offers you to cook via mini-games that are easy to learn, but always in a realistic way.

If you’re an aspiring chef, ingredient pairings and prepared dishes are added to your cookbook. And to avoid repetition and boredom, the ingredients and cooking utensils change every day! Thus, the dishes you can vary also daily, allowing you to cook different dishes every day of the week.

At the end, you allow kitchen points allowing some splurge to change Mama’s outfit and accessories.

Available for free to all subscribers Apple Arcade at €4.99 / month on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Download the game Mom Cooking: Cooking!

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