Meta pattern creators to post original content on Facebook Reels

Shortly after the arrival of Reels on Facebook, Meta announced new measures to remunerate its creators, wishing to highlight original content… Yet another attempt to overshadow TikTok?

Boost original content

First, Meta explains the new additions to its Reels Play bonus program, including changes to the way payouts are calculated. The idea is to ” reward creators of all audience sizes who produce high-quality, original content that resonates with people “, assures the company, before specifying that some of them could lose money. As a reminder, the content concerned here must be original and therefore reserved for the platform.

We believe that creators who do the hard work of crafting and promoting original content are rewarded with distribution, growth, and monetization. As part of these efforts, we recently implemented ranking changes that prioritize the distribution of original content in places where we recommend Reels, such as the Reels and Feed tab on Instagram and Feed and Watch on Facebook. says Meta.

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The firm also announces the arrival of Challenges on Facebook, allowing creators of Facebook Reels to earn up to $4,000 per month by achieving certain objectives. For example, a creator might first earn $20 when at least five of their Reels reach 100 plays each. After reaching this goal, another will be unlocked, for example 100 dollars when 20 of his Reels get 500 plays each. This progress will continue throughout the 30-day period, then reset at the beginning of the following month to start a new set of challenges.

Encourage the publication of Reels

In addition, the company will give creators more visibility on the performance of their Reels. Like on Instagram, Meta has started to harm ads directly in Facebook’s Reels feed and announces that they will now be tested with even more creators. According to Meta, this will allow “ expand availability to more creators and open up more high-quality inventory for advertisers on our platform “.

Soon, Instagram creators will be able to post their Reels to Facebook, allowing them to seamlessly share them with their followers on both platforms and grow their audience on both Instagram and Facebook. We will also explore the possibility for potential creators to earn a portion of revenue on cross-posted reels via overlay ads. Creators can also earn bonuses on both Instagram Reels Play and Facebook Reels Play “, continues the firm of Zuckerberg.

Social media icons on an iPhone screen.

By bringing together all its services, Meta largely dominates the social network market; but the TikTok app is the most popular in the world. Photography: Jeremy Bezanger / Unsplash

Competition with TikTok, sinews of war

These various announcements, designed to encourage creators to produce more original content on Facebook, but also on Instagram, come as TikTok has just presented TikTok Pulse. This is a new ad revenue sharing scheme, allowing some of the platform’s largest creators to get up to 50% of that revenue.

As a reminder, the Reels landed on Instagram in 2020 to compete with the Chinese application. Since then, Meta has done everything to stand up to the behemoth of the Middle Empire, which continues despite everything to dominate the market by being the most downloaded application in the world. Moreover, this need for original content on Reels is not new, since Meta has already announced that videos posted on Instagram with the watermark of TikTok will no longer be highlighted. Because it’s a fact, many popular Reels are videos originally posted on TikTok and recycled on the American platform.

But while TikTok continues to grow in popularity, the platform is fishing in the area of ​​creator compensation, unlike Meta which can draw on years of experience in this area. These new features in its compensation system come precisely from this perspective, as well as to create more engagements with the Reels, which should logically happen if more original and quality content is published through this feature. For its part, TikTok is expected to triple its advertising revenue in 2022.

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