Mercato: Mbappé’s mother adds a layer and brings him closer to Real Madrid!

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Silence is golden. Last night, Le Parisien published an article on its website that ignited social networks. And for good reason, it is clearly explained that Kylian Mbappé (23) is closer than ever to extending his contract at PSG!

Except that the Parisian player’s own mother quickly broke the mood by posting a denial on her Twitter account: “There is no agreement in principle with Paris Saint-Germain (or any other club). Discussions around Kylian’s future are continuing in a climate of great serenity to allow him to make the best choice, with respect for all parties,” she said.

At the same time, the Spanish newspaper Marca published an article in the evening where Fayza Lamari speaks “we”. The Iberian media makes him say that for his son “the number one option remains Real Madrid”. When questioned, the Mbappé clan did not deny having spoken but suggested that he had not said exactly that. According to him, the mother of the former Monegasque declared that to date “he was rather on a departure” even if discussions have existed with PSG for some time.

to summarize

While Le Parisien hinted that the Mbappé clan would be close to an agreement with PSG leaders for a contract extension, the 23-year-old’s mother is bringing him closer to Real Madrid. The file starts from more beautiful!

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