Meghan Markle and Harry divorced? The fake news that set fire to the powder

Meghan Markle and Harry divorced? This is the latest fake news about the couple. Quickly denied, this new rumor did not fail, as always, to react. A “closed case”… until the next one.

Since their wedding on May 19, 2018, Meghan Markle and Harry have been regularly the subject of separation rumors on social networks. This time, it was their divorce that was announced through a video relayed on Facebook on June 16, quickly went viral. It is claimed that the couple signed divorce papers. A rumor deemed “false” by PolitiFact, a fact-checking site which revealed that: “Allegations claiming that Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex divorced are baseless. The video provides no credible evidence that any of this is actually true (sic.).” Established in 2007, PolitiFact was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2009 for his work during the US presidential campaign in 2008.

The video behind this umpteenth fake news refers to an article published in 2021 in which Samantha Markle, Meghan’s half-sister, said: “I see their marriage ending in divorce, at least they don’t have extensive counseling.” During Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, many open accounts critical of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were created…and quickly deleted, after being identified as fake accounts.

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Meghan Markle, favorite target of critics

The couple who recently communicated about the negative impact of social networks on their life, find themselves once again at the center of all attention. In 2022, Christopher Bouzy, founder of Bot Sentinel, a social media analytics platform, published a detailed report revealing that Meghan Markle had been the target of a hate campaign launched by three YouTube channels which generated no less than $494,729 with over 70 million views.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle retired from social media in March 2020, following the announcement of their permanent retirement from the British Crown. There is no doubt that this new attack will not encourage them to reconsider their position.

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