meeting with Caroline Maya, the Frenchwoman crowned world champion of pizza




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The French Caroline Maya was consecrated in Italy, in Parma, during the last pizza world championships. Chronicle of a family history.

It floats in a suburban district of Saint-Priest (Rhône) a scent of Italy. La Pizza du Puit Vieux is hidden in the garden of a backyard. “It’s the whole philosophy of our house, it’s the pizza at the back of the yard”, says Caroline Maya. She won, in duet with another chef, the title of world pizza champion, with a gastronomic version composed of lobster, scallops and squid ink tiles.

She defeated the kings of pizza on their own land, in Parma (Italy). His pizzeria was created 35 years ago. “Pizza is not just pizza. It’s our history, it’s our culture, it’s our roots”, she says. His family comes from a small village located between Rome (Italy) and Naples (Italy). Caroline Maya’s kitchen is meticulous: she precisely calculates the humidity and temperature of the dough. She discovered the trade with her father, and took over the restaurant five years ago. It offers around fifty pizzas on its menu, for an average price of 11 euros.

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