Mauricio Pochettino’s big announcement for his future

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This weekend, PSG signed a great 4-0 victory on the lawn of Montpellier. A nice success on the lawn of a generally tough rival, but it is clear that for the supporters – and certainly many players and managers – this match was not of fundamental importance. Parisian news is already turning to the next season.

The future of many players, starting with Kylian Mbappé, is thus in suspense, and all the fans are waiting to see the first works of Leonardo, whose position is not guaranteed for next season. The first names, like that of Bremer, are thus beginning to come out, just as we will have to wait to see who will take over from Mauricio Pochettino, condemned to a license.

See you in Qatar

And after the game of his troops, the Argentine coach said a little more. “No doubt I have to see the president in Qatar. We will surely see. But to be clear, the planning of our meetings is always done by our superiors.launched the Argentine tactician, confirming that his future will be discussed during this famous internship in Qatar.

A short trip which is not really to the taste of the players or the staff, but which will probably lead to the dismissal of the Argentine coach, whose contract expires in 2023. It remains to be seen the total compensation he will receive, and above all, who will be chosen to replace him…

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