Magali Berdah soon to head a ministry of social networks? She answers !

Does Magali Berdah have political ambitions? This Friday, May 13, the founder of Shauna Events spoke on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” about her possible entry into the government.

While Emmanuel Macron is currently forming his new government, does the re-elected president intend to integrate Magali Berdah into it? The famous reality TV contestant’s agent has never made a secret that she is keen on the creation of a ministry of social networksto fight against scams and online harassment.

Magali Berdah @ Instagram

This Friday, May 13, Magali Berdah again insisted that the government should carefully study the possible drifts ofthe Internet by setting up this special ministry. However, already having a very busy schedule, the one who has made the wrath of Dylan Thiry does not plan to become a minister:

I have a busy job. When you’re a minister, you have to devote yourself to it 100%. I have my gearbox running fine.

She said on the set of Do not touch My TV.

“I wanted to shed light on this cause”

It was during the last presidential election campaign that Magali Berdah began to talk about the creation of a ministry of social networks. A subject that she has widely discussed with the candidates in the running that she has interviewed, to raise awareness of politics among the many young people who follow her. Also, many believed that the 40-year-old businesswoman had ambitions in this area. But according to her, all that would have been onlya prevention strategy :

Why did I say that? Because I knew it was going to make everyone laugh and I wanted to shed some light on the cause. Yes, there must be a ministry. There is a ministry of digital but which is so oblivious to what is happening on social networks that, for me who works there, it does not exist. That’s why I made this alert.

However, Magali Berdah would not be against the idea of ​​being consulted on the choice of the ideal person who could manage this ministry. Moreover, Emmanuel Macron let him know that he intended to use his services in the future and that he took the subject very seriously:

He replied that it was a priority subject for him during this new five-year term and that yes, we could sit around a table to create something.

Magali Berdah and Emmanuel Macron
Magali Berdah and Emmanuel Macron on Instagram

Magali Berdah, victim of her success

The mum-of-three knows only too well the serious ones damaged what can sometimes cause cyber harassment. Her eldest, Shauna, had to be dropped out of school, the victim of nasty and gratuitous criticism from Internet users, but also from her former classmates:

It hurts them because my daughters have been promoting it for five years. One of them is out of school. Now, whenever I post pictures of my daughters, I always have comments about it.

Confided Magali Berdah last February, in the show At Jordan’s.

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