Maeva in cold with Luna following the story of the injections? She suspects a relative of having balanced everything

By johnnyc

– Posted on May 15, 2022 at 5:49 PM

Maeva Ghennam would be very upset against Luna Skye after the revelations made about her injections. She thinks she knows who leaked the video showing Luna at Maeva!

Sur learned via the Insta account @fake_influenceurs that: “ Maeva would be very upset against Luna for what she described the injections given to Maeva. She is afraid that it will cause her problems”. ” She suspects Akram of having exposed the videos who came out because he’s the only one who has his Snapchat password. At the end of April, we learned that Luna’s surgery, the famous buttock injectionswould have been carried out on the sofa… of Maeva!

In December 2021, Luna Skye had to be hospitalized following a cosmetic surgery operation went wrong. The young woman found herself between life and death. It was an operation to increase the volume of her buttocks to make them bigger and smoother through injections. Luna would then have contracted a staphylococcus following this intervention. Worse, the injected product would have spread throughout his body. She therefore had to be hospitalized eight times, two of which were in intensive care. His injections would have been carried out from Maeva’s living room. The influencer made revelations on the set of the show It starts today, hosted by Faustine Bollaert. In particular, she confessed to having received “40 injections per buttock instead of 10”.

Who balanced Maeva?

Following this case, videos of Luna Skye leaked. We see her in particular lying on her stomach on the alleged sofa of her friend Maeva in dubai. However, in addition to being dangerous, this practice is completely illegal and Maeva is taking a big risk in this story. This is the reason why she is very upset against Luna but also against the one who would have leaked the videos on social networks. Maeva strongly suspects Akram, his best friend, for balancing the compromising videos since he’s the only person who has the password to his Snapchat account.

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