Mac Studio: Has Apple reviewed its ventilation?

Faced with the mini-outcry caused by the Mac Studio when it was released – the machine was considered very noisy by many owners, including one of your favorite editors – Apple proceeded to multiple exchanges.

This was the case of renanwho had yet opted for a Mac Studio M1 Ultraa priori less affected by the problem – the breakdown differs between the Max and the Ultrathe heatsinks of the latter being apparently more efficient and less noisy.

I had received an M1 Ultra version which sounded like a coffee machine. After requesting a replacement, I received my new MacStudio (12 days from requesting replacement and receiving new one) and it barely makes any noise! It’s nice to have a silent machine and that Apple makes sure to deliver to me quickly, when it should have arrived on September 6th.

Were some shows louder than others? Sometimes just one component can make the difference. Those that I was able to test at the editorial office were completely silent, for example, while June had to send her machine back following a whistle. The question of personal sensitivity and the work environment also plays a role, which should not be overlooked.

Mac Studio: Has Apple revised its ventilation?

In short, do not hesitate to react to this post if you were able to exchange the machine and if the noise disappeared. Some of our readers, despite this, even went so far as to tape the ventilation grid, an effective operation but not recommended for the good health of the bike.

Find our Mac Studio video tests!

Mac Studio: Has Apple revised its ventilation?

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