Luxury: robbery of a Chanel store, near Place Vendôme

QFour helmeted and masked people, at least one of whom was carrying an assault rifle, robbed a Chanel luxury boutique on Thursday afternoon, May 5, near Place Vendôme, in the heart of Paris, we learned from of the font. The store in question sold watchmaking and jewelry products, according to the first elements.

The four alleged robbers fled with a scooter and a motorcycle, the same sources added, adding that there were no injuries. The banditry repression brigade (BRB), which was seized of the investigation, went on the spot, announced the Paris police headquarters. The facts were filmed by a surfer who posted, a few moments later, his video on social networks.

On this document, we can clearly see four individuals dressed in black, helmeted and hooded. Three of them come out of the shop while the fourth, on his motorcycle, an assault rifle slung over his shoulder. Then two go on a scooter and the other two on the motorcycle. Both gears are black in color.

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The rue de la Paix cordoned off by the police

The luxury boutique is located rue de la Paix, not far from Place Vendôme, known for its renowned jewelers. Shortly after the events, the rue de la Paix was cordoned off by a security cordon and police personnel were distributed in front of the shop, the metal curtain of which was down, revealed a journalist from Agence France-Presse.

Anastasia Martino, 26, a saleswoman at a costume store opposite the Chanel store, said it was around 2.30 p.m. when the robbery took place. “I was smoking a cigarette before my lunch when I saw a lonely man with a Kalashnikov on a motorbike,” she said. “Two minutes later, three other men came out with big black bags. They also had automatic weapons and got on two motorcycles (in total) and left very quickly,” the young woman added.

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For Cyril Ngo, 31, supervisor in the same store as the young woman, the robbers were “not pros, because it lasted ten minutes”. “There are even people who crossed in front of the lookout without realizing that he was armed,” he tried. “A customer warned us. We immediately called the police, who didn’t believe us. We had to call back, he said, for them to take us seriously and intervene. The amount of the loot was not communicated in the middle of the afternoon.

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