Longoria continues the restructuring of its organization chart!

Nathalie Nénon-Zimmermann, Deputy Director, in charge of Marketing and Revenue, will leave her post only one day after her arrival according to the Team.

Pablo Longoria’s OM are undergoing internal reorganization. According to the team Nathalie Nénon-Zimmerman, in charge of Marketing and Revenue leaving her post in this redevelopment, she who had nevertheless obtained very good results this season, in sponsorship and ticketing. This decision takes effect in the coming days. As a reminder, after his departure there are no longer any women in a management position in a Ligue 1 club. Pedro Iriondo, director of the and the assistant director, Stéphane Tessier will therefore have expanded prerogatives after his departure.

Extended prerogative for Pedro Iriondo and Stéphane Tessier?

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After the announcements leading to Javier Ribalta as probable future sports director, the former AC Milan, Juventus or Manchester United. Or the search for a new director of the training center in the person of Marco Rotero of FC Valence. Pablo Longoria is continuing his restructuring, which he had undertaken directly after his appointment as club president a year and a half ago.

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