LIVE – Heat wave: philosophy tests under heat wave for 523,000 high school students

Already 34°C in Bordeaux, 37°C in Toulouse on Tuesday afternoon: an exceptional and early heat wave has started to hit France and will last until the weekend, a new sign of climate change, while the drought is already worthy of the end of July.

With the arrival of hot air from the Maghreb via Spain which is already suffocating, the south-west of the country was affected first on Tuesday with temperatures which rose to 29° C in Perpignan or 30° C in Limoges, in the shade like all official measures. But it is all of France which will be gradually hit by the weekend, before a drop in temperatures expected probably on Sunday.

An unequivocal sign of global warming, heat waves are multiplying and intensifying all over the world and France is not spared.


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