Lidl hits hard with this essential kitchen appliance for less than €8, limited stocks beware!

lidl going to make a splash again, that’s for sure! The king of bargains has just released a product that will undoubtedly please its customers. In any case, for the lucky ones who will be able to get the product, because there won’t be any for everyone!

lidl : attention, limited stocks!

Every week, the new catalog lidl is expected as the messiah. Indeed, customers are always eager to discover the surprises of their favorite distributor. And lidl always knows how to satisfy them while preserving their wallet. Competitors just have to watch out! Discover the latest product launched by the German brand which is already talking about it on the market!

lidlthe favorite brand of the French

One thing is sure, lidl is the master of good plans and he is full of ingenuity in his field. In any case, customers are more than delighted, because with the times that run, they are looking to save money in all sectors. Indeed, the inflationary context has undermined the purchasing power of the French, which is falling more and more. Basically, lidl sold food products, then he wanted to expand his products into non-food.

Thus, for several years now, it has been offering household appliances that defy all competition. The French do not need to go to another brand to find their happiness. The German giant offers food, equipment and even recipes on its channel Youtube. So what we reserve lidl in its latest catalog? Well, a little jewel of technology, very practical and at a mini price! Indeed, the discounter sells a beater of the brand silver crest. You will be delighted, that’s for sure!

A mini-mixer marketed at the unbeatable price of 7.99 euros

This device from the Silvercrest brand is really offered at a low attributed price. One wonders if the offer is serious and if the price does not hide a poor quality of the product? In general, lidl is not used to disappointing its customers. Moreover, if you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen and you want to save time preparing your meals, you definitely shouldn’t miss this mixer in the SX version. Indeed, you can say goodbye to your battery which takes up too much space in your furniture or on your worktop!

In any case, let’s go to mix, beat, mix, froth, make egg whites, the list is long! Know that the batteries are directly in the device, ready for use. However, be careful, because stocks will be limited. Indeed, like most of the promotional stunts that lidl, it should not be too late either to access it. In addition to this very practical utensil due to its small size, lidl also offer other kitchen accessories, such as a juice extractor at an equally attractive price. So get to the shelves of the German brand as soon as possible.

Good plans that will leave you speechless

Competitors don’t like it very much lidl. It’s normal, he always launches the right product, at the right time and at a very attractive price. So, the brand is sometimes criticized, especially when it breaks market prices. But, one thing is certain, it gives a boost to the French who are already struggling to eat, heat or even get around by car. Indeed, every economy is good to take during this period when inflation is breaking records.

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