LFI, PS, PCF, EELV, who are the candidates invested by the New Popular Ecological and Social Union in Hauts-de-France?

Rebellious, socialists, communists and ecologists, discover the candidates who will wear the colors of the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (NUPES) in Hauts-de-France for the legislative elections of June 12 and 19.

The agreement is “historic” exclaims the entire political spectrum of the left on social networks. The third round is in full swing, the various left-wing parties have reached an agreement for a popular union. In Hauts-de-France, candidates from rebellious France are widely represented.

* This map will be updated as the applications become official.

The nominations of the La France insoumise candidates will be validated on Saturday May 7, 2022, in national convention, but several names have already been announced.

In the North, the two LFI deputies are already candidates for re-election: Adrien Quatennens for the 1st constituency and Ugo Bernalicis for the 2nd. On social networks, the latter said he was very proud that such an agreement between the left parties had been concluded.

With regard to Picardy, for the moment the deputy for the 1st constituency of the Somme, François Ruffin (Picardie Debout), is also a candidate for re-election. In the 5th constituency, Guillaume Ancelet represents the party supported by LFI.

In the other departments, Annick Prévot, activist, representative of La France insoumise in the 2nd district of Oise, Valérie Labatut, labor inspector, in the 3rd and Mohamed Assamti, municipal councilor in Creil, in the 4th district. Olivier Fenioux, CGT health manager, will be LFI candidate in the 1st district of Aisne and Pierre Prieur, activist, in the 2nd district.

In total the party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon should be represented in 28 constituencies of Hauts-de-France.

Under the colors of the New People’s Ecological and Social Union, six Socialist Party candidates are running in Hauts-de-France.

While the draft agreement strongly divided the socialists, Martine Aubry, mayor of Lille, had called for the agreement to be validated meven though “everyone imagines that it does not correspond in all respects to my deep convictions“, she had declared.

In the Nord and Pas-de-Calais, they will therefore be a priori 4 PS candidates. But everything remains to be confirmed. According to Martine Filleul, PS senator, “the agreement is valid between the parties, but each one will then see in his group.The only certainty for the moment: Benjamin Sainte-Huile, former first federal secretary of the North will present himself in the 3rd district of the department.

In Picardy, ct was against all odds that the socialist deputy for the 3rd district of Aisne, Jean-Louis Bricout joined the agreement. “I left the Socialist Party, but it supports my candidacy, I decided to follow the agreement even if it remains complex“, specifies the deputy candidate for his re-election in the Aisne where the National Rally of Marine Le Pen obtained in the second round nearly 60% of the votes in the presidential election. Florian Dumoulin, federal secretary of the PS, is meanwhile candidate in the 6th constituency of Oise.

On the side of the French Communist Party in Picardy, three candidates are confirmed: Loïc Pen, emergency doctor, in the 7th district of Oise and Aurélien Gall departmental secretary of the party in the 4th district of Aisne. Arnaud Petit will be a candidate in the 3rd constituency of the Somme.

Thierry Aury, departmental secretary of the PCF in the 1st district of Oise announces that he will be a substitute and that the name of the candidate will be known on Saturday May 7.

In the North, the deputy for the 16th constituency Alain Bruneel is a candidate for re-election. It is the same for the former presidential candidate and member of the 20th constituency Fabien Roussel. To complete the picture, Patrick Soloch will try to block the RN in the 19th district of the North and Jean-Marc Tellier, mayor of Avion, appointed the party in the 3rd district of Pas-de-Calais.

In the Nord and Pas-de-Calais, it was Marine Tondelier, spokesperson for Yannick Jadot and municipal councilor of Hénin-Beaumont who gave the first names of the EELV candidates for the legislative campaign in Hauts-de- France. “What is interesting is that we managed to have different types of applications that embody Hauts-de-France“, she indicated on the set of 19/20 in Lille, on May 2, 2022.

Thus, Octave Delepiere, member of the Young Ecologists, representing the party in the 4th district of the North, the municipal councilor Karima Chouia and Odile Vidal-Sagnier, head of the list in Marcq-en-Barœul already for the Union of the left, will present themselves in Roubaix in the 7th and 9th constituencies. In Flanders, it is the activist Emilie Ducourant for the 15th district.

In Pas-de-Calais this time, it is Jean-Pierre Moussally, municipal councilor in Calais, who is running in the 7th district. Finally Marine Tondelier, municipal councilor in Hénin-Beaumont is a candidate in the 11th district, that of Marine Le Pen: “cOf course, I didn’t choose the most winnable, I chose the one where I lived. So indeed we have an outgoing candidate who is the MP seen on TV, but we want a real MP. So with local elected officials, it is this candidacy that we are defending.

In Picardy, Luc Blanchard, municipal councilor in Meux, who said he was “very aware of his responsibility and combative”, embodying the EELV party in the 5th district of Oise. The same is true for Élodie Héren, municipal councilor in Molliens-au-Bois who will be a candidate in the 4th constituency of the Somme.

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