Lewis Hamilton and the FIA ​​clash with jewels

Amazing controversy this Friday in Miami. The seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton first assured that he would not remove his jewels as the International Automobile Federation (FIA) asked the drivers, even if it meant missing the Grand Prix disputed this week -to finish. Then things got back to normal, the Briton giving up wearing them, and having until May 29 to remove a nose piercing.

“If they want to stop me, let them do it, Hamilton had first indicated. We have reserve riders so we are ready and prepared for the weekend. There’s a lot to do in this town so I’ll be fine either way. »

The British pilot is angry

Barded in a press conference with his rings, necklaces, earring, nose piercing, and no less than three watches around his wrists, aligned with different time zones, the Briton appeared very upset.

If the ban on wearing jewelry on board single-seaters was applied in 2005 as a security measure, the measure was never really applied by the pilots. But this season, the new FIA race director, Niels Wittich, decided to tighten the screw to enforce the measure. A first reminder in this sense was made during the Australian GP in early April, the third round of the season.

“Wearing jewelry during competition can interfere with medical interventions”

“The wearing of jewelry in the form of piercings or metal chains around the neck is prohibited during the competition and can therefore be checked before the start.he recalled on the sidelines of the Miami GP. Wearing jewelry during competition can hinder medical interventions as well as subsequent diagnosis and treatment if needed following an accident.”

“We have made such progress as a sport […] I have been practicing this sport for 16 years. I have been wearing jewelry for 16 years”, an assured Hamilton. Finally, the FIA ​​and the driver agreed on the following solution: the jewels will remain in the trunk this weekend, and the Briton until May 29 to remove his nose piercing.


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