Leval: facing the speed rue Brasselet, the mayor “does not have full powers”

Tuesday, a motorist once again finished his race in one of the barriers of the roundabout. This type of accident happens regularly, and it is often the speed that is the cause. The municipality wishes to secure the road, but is quite limited in its possibilities.

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As much to say it right away: securing rue Émile-Brasselet is a real headache. On this departmental road which sees thousands of cars and trucks passing by every day, it is impossible for the town hall to do what it wants. Regularly, the inhabitants of the street, but not only, complain about the speed of each other. And often, it ends up in one of the barriers surrounding the school roundabout. Latest example on Tuesday, when a motorist got into it in the middle of the afternoon. ” It’s every month evenlylaments Jacques Thurette. There is a 30 zone there though. And then, it seems to me that when you arrive at a roundabout, you are supposed to slow down… In theory, yes. In practice, despite regular police checks, it is something else.

Network reviews

Attacked on social networks for doing nothing, the mayor sees red. ” I am well aware of the problem. But we don’t have full powers. Impossible to put stop signs, lights, or even speed bumps there because of the traffic. ” Otherwise, we would have done like rue d’Aulnoye, with chicanes and traffic lights… On this road, there are many priorities on the right. In connection with the Department, it was therefore decided to put up flashing signs with a cross of Saint-André to signal them.

The whole thing will cost €30,000, and will be financed at 50% by the Department. ” I know it’s dangerous, that’s why we decided to make a multi-activity room next to the school, for the safety of the children. “recalls Jacques Thurette. Still, words on Facebook do not pass. ” Rather than criticizing behind their screen, smokers should go to the town hall to discuss. »

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