Leonardo and the accumulation of remounts

In a long interview, Leonardo, the now ex-sporting director of PSG spoke about the comeback suffered against Real Madrid and tried to provide some answers: “We don’t say anything to each other because we know football. We are confident, yes, as was Chelsea in the quarters (eliminated after extra time, 1-3, 3-2 aet) or Manchester City in the semis (4-3 then 1-3 while still leading 1-0 in the 89th minute )… This is a subject that we must think about, by the way: why do so many comebacks happen?»

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“I think it’s linked to two elements. Today you have so many things around your foot, so many things in your head, that it’s not easy to keep your concentration for more than eighty -ten minutes. The players represent a lot of things, there is a company behind them, big stakes. When I was a player, the context was less heavy, today it is difficult. The second element is the new It’s not possible to pass the ball in front of your but all the time without risk. And when you take a but like that, you continue “, could we read in the columns of The Team.

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