Léna Situations: why her selfie with Kris Jenner reacts on the Web

Based in Los Angeles for several weeks, Léna Situations lives a daily life at a hundred miles an hour, she who participated in the prestigious Met Gala last May. A memorable evening during which the influencer was able to take a selfie with Kris Jenner, who particularly panicked her subscribers, for a hilarious reason.

Léna Situations realized one of her dreams last April, leaving his Parisian apartment to settle in Los Angeles for a few months. A project built for a long time, before the influencer decides to start. “It may not come as a surprise to those who have followed me for a long time, from my first trip here, I quickly expressed my desire to live in Los Angeles. I don’t want to leave Paris for good, far from it […] I just want to spend some time with myself to appreciate all that has happened in the last few years and think about what I would like to do for the next ones.“, she wrote on her Instagram page. Since then, the young woman had the chance to attend the Met Gala, becoming the first French influencer to be invited there.

This Tuesday, June 14, Léna published a new video in which she looks back on her experience at the Met Gala, where she was able to meet Kim Kardashian, whom she even took a picture of, but also Kris Jenner.

“You no !”

A selfie that particularly reacted to the approximately 3.7 million subscribers on Instagram, in particular the caption: “You ? Yes“. A reference to the story she had told during a McFly and Carlito anecdote contest, during which Léna had returned to her visit to the People’s Choice Awards in 2019, in Los Angeles.”I wanted a photo with Kris Jenner who is the Daronne of the Kardashians. For the valve and for my personal pleasure […] I take my courage in both hands […] and I see lots of people passing and taking pictures. And I arrive, I ask ‘can we take a picture?’. And I have the bodyguard looking at me and saying, ‘You? No. In front of everybody“.

A nice revenge therefore, on the part of the influencer, who was able to tick a new box on her ‘bucket list’.

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