Legislative: a video of Young people with Macron, who imagine France led by Mélenchon, mocked on social networks

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Young people with Macron broadcast a campaign clip this Wednesday, June 15 imagining what France would be like if Mélenchon and the Nupes broadcast to win the legislative elections. Immediately becomes the laughingstock of social networks, the video was deleted at midday.

“Sunday, June 19. 8 p.m. An extremist party the majority in the National Assembly”. In a video broadcast this Wednesday, June 15 on social networks, the Young people with Macron tried to imagine, according to them, what the country could look like if the Nupes came to win the legislative elections and obtain a majority in the Assembly. national. The clip, which did not fail to react on Twitter, was deleted in the process.

young people with macron who are worried about their weekend in marrakech have just deleted their funny video don’t relay it pic.twitter.com/sAQLMG89V5

— Le Trema (@Le_Trema) June 15, 2022

On a black background, in white letters, the video begins as follows: “Sunday, June 19. 8 p.m. LFI wins the legislative elections and for the first time, an extremist party shows the majority in the National Assembly”. Then appears in the image of a young woman strolling through the streets of the capital, a telephone in her hand.

Several notifications appeared on his cell phone, announcing the “anti-republican” measures put in place following the victory of the left alliance: a fake article from France info thus mentions “a bill of disobedience to l “European Union”, when another from Liberation indicates that “despite the restoration of the ISF, the poor have never been so poor”.

Holidays in Marrakesh

Still according to this campaign clip, the Nupes in power, that could mean “the abolition of flights outside Europe at low cost from October 1”. Or, for the young woman staged in the video, a three-day weekend project in Marrakech which falls through… Enough to arouse many mockeries on social networks.

You know you’re close to the French when your main concern is your weekend in Marrakech

— Einstein2004113 (@einstein2004113) June 15, 2022

Posted at the beginning of the afternoon on social networks, the video has only very little lived on Twitter. Faced with the multiplication of attacks against them, “Les Jeunes avec Macron” have indeed decided to withdraw it. In a message posted on Twitter, they denounced the “hate messages” against a spot “aiming to call for a vote and staging certain measures which could be taken if the extremes came to power and imposed their program .”

[1/2] We published this morning a political fiction spot, aiming to call for the vote and to stage certain measures that could be taken if the extremes came to power and imposed their program.

– Young people with Macron #withyou (@JeunesMacron) June 15, 2022

The young macronists finally deplore “the diversion of the main message: to call on the voters to say no to the extremes and to give a strong majority to the President of the Republic.”

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